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Attaché Strategic Relocation


Tactically sound maneuvers that fit your overall relocation strategy.

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Attaché by DARK SKY helps people move anywhere and gain greater privacy and asset protection. Our Strategic Relocation services help our clients relocate within their home country, or overseas to achieve security through anonymity.

There are dozens of locations to relocate to that fit many peoples current lifestyle. Many have the added benefit of being more tax friendly than the current country of residence. We help people evaluate global locations based on their desired outcome. We create strategies with tactics that cover our clients reasons for relocation. Whether it be for safer living conditions, getting away from an abusive relationship, or starting over with a new found purpose in life, [cloaked] is there to help you make the move. 

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We start each Strategic relocation with a full assessment of your personal and familial needs.

  • Is it legal to strategically relocate?
    Absolutely. Anyone can move anywhere as long as they have the proper tactics to get there.
  • Where can I move?
    We assess each client individually. Perhaps it is better for you to stay in your home country. Or, maybe you are open to starting fresh and an overseas relocation fits the bill. [redact] will help you to establish the correct goals for the threats you face.
  • What do I need to relocate?
    This will vary based on your desires and needs. If you move overseas, you will need a passport, and perhaps the correct visas. We can advise you of countries that are easier than others to move to. However, your decision should be based on the changes you are willing to make, and if privacy is a concern, whether you will be able to maintain that decision to keep your privacy and security.
  • How much does a strategic relocation?
    [redact] has fees to aid our clients in relocation. We conduct an in-depth assessment to better recommend the most appropriate relocation possibilities. We also research the areas which are possible, and even help our clients obtain all the necessary paperwork; find a residence, and connect with one of our in-country security attaches. Additional costs must be considered, such as airfare, visa fees, whether you will rent or buy (some countries won't let you buy), and also strong consideration will need to be calculated about how you will fund your new life.
  • Can I take my family?
    Of course! However, if you are divorced and want to move with children, we help you to make sure you have all the appropriate legal documents to move with children from a divorce. Other than that, as long as you have calculated the financial costs, you can relocate domestically a lot easier than internationally. We do have clients who take their family abroad and live very happy lives.
  • Security Planning
    X-Bureau leverages decades of experience in planning all aspects of your security. From home, travel, relocation and more.
  • Gray Man™
    A fully comprehensive program designed to provide privacy enthusiasts, executives, and high risk persons with an intensive privacy program that includes threat assessments, counter-surveillance training, technical digital training with new technology, operational planning, and more.
  • X Retreat™
    In an age where privacy is increasingly at risk, the X-BUREAU Retreat™ offers an unparalleled opportunity for individuals seeking to reclaim their personal privacy and security. We off the world's first and only security retreat that focuses on your specific needs. You will spend one week with the founder and partners. This exclusive retreat takes clients to undisclosed foreign location for a week-long immersive experience. Here, participants learn invaluable strategies and techniques to safeguard their lives from privacy-invasive entities, be it corporations, individuals, lawyers, or private investigators. Let's delve into the unique experience that awaits those who embark on the X-BUREAU Retreat. Domestic options are available but at substantially more costs.
  • Attaché™ Relocation
    Attaché by X-BUREAU helps people move anywhere and gain greater privacy and asset protection. Our Strategic Relocation services help our clients relocate within their home country, or overseas to achieve security through anonymity.


No matter the reason (barring illegal reasons) strategic relocations can benefit you in several ways. Perhaps you are looking for a safer location within your own country. Or, you are wanting to get far away from an abusive relationship. Others choose to relocate in order to have friendlier tax options, or business climates. 

Whatever motivates you to want to relocate, DARK SKY will get you there. No other privacy expert has what our boutique agency has. We have boots on the ground security attachés ready to assist you in many locations including some offshore options.

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