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The Gray Man Program

A fully comprehensive program designed to provide privacy enthusiasts, executives, and high risk persons with an intensive privacy program that includes threat assessments, counter-surveillance training, technical digital training with new technology, operational planning, and more.

Prices for our Gray Man Program start at $9,995 and range to over $19,000 and includes all new private technology (in the $19k program), strategic relocation consulting, and the training is carried out both partly in your country of origin and overseas. 

Escape Surveillance. Live the Gray Man Life.

Gray Man is our intense privacy program that empowers individuals to take control of their privacy in all aspects. Since 2002, we have offered people the opportunity to make their life more private by blending into their environment. privately. With the X-Bureau Gray Man™ program, you can control how others perceive you, allowing you to keep your personal information safe and secure. Our program provides comprehensive training that covers everything from digital security to physical concealment, so that you can make sure your identity remains hidden and secure. Whether you’re concerned about your online privacy or want to protect yourself in a public space, Gray Man has you covered.

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Advantages To  Going Private With Gray Man

Gray Man offers training that  provides our clients with the tools and strategies to become a successful ‘gray man’. Being a gray man offers great advantages in business and personal life, including increased security,  and greater freedom to move through society discreetly.

Our program will work directly with you personally. We will cover personal, digital, Gray Man travel, and relocation.

If You Want Privacy Get Off The X

Gray Man Privacy program by [cloaked] believes that privacy is just a normal human desire that should be respected. We provide a comprehensive suite of services and products designed to help you protect your privacy and live a more discreet lifestyle.


"Getting off the X" means to remove yourself as a target for direct and indirect surveillance. Our Gray Man™ program is designed to help you protect yourself and your family from unwanted attention and monitoring. We provide a comprehensive set of tools to help you become a “Gray Man”: an anonymous figure who blends in with the crowd and avoids drawing attention to themselves. By living as a GrayMan, you will gain more freedom and less burden in the process. Our products and services are designed to help you become a true Gray Man and protect your privacy in any situation.

GRAYMAN helps people escape danger and get off the X

Develop A Comprehensive Gray Man Strategy

At Cloak & Dagger we provide an exclusive suite of services to help our clients protect their anonymity and increase their security. Our team specializes in creating comprehensive strategies to help our clients achieve their Gray Man goals. We provide a variety of services, from disguise and wardrobe to advanced counter-surveillance training.

Our Gray Man program is the most comprehensive privacy program we know to date. 


Our highly experienced team of professionals has extensive experience with intelligence, law enforcement, cybersecurity and investigation fields. We understand the importance of keeping our clients safe and secure, and know how to do it.


Cloak & Dagger strives to provide the most comprehensive strategies possible. So if you’re looking to protect yourself, look no further than Gray Man™ by Cloak & Dagger.

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