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Hidden in plain sight.

Cloaked Hush Bag

Force Field Defense™ Technology

The CloakedHush Bag™ is our proprietary triple layered Force Field Defense™ technology designed to stop intrusions from electronic surveillance.

Cloaked Hush Bag

Introducing CloakedHush Bag™ with our Force Field Defense™ triple layered technology.

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Cloaked™ Hush Bag™ Faraday Cyber Protection

Introducing the Cloaked Hush Bag: Your Ultimate Faraday Security Solution

Cloaked Hush™ Faraday bags have become increasingly necessary in today's digitally interconnected world for several compelling reasons.


Primarily, they serve as a means of securing personal electronic devices against unauthorized access and hacking. In an era where cyber threats are rampant and sophisticated, these bags offer a layer of protection by blocking all wireless signals, thereby safeguarding the devices contained within from remote hacking attempts, data theft, or location tracking.


Furthermore, Faraday bags are essential for maintaining privacy. They prevent devices from being used as surveillance tools, ensuring that conversations and activities cannot be monitored through devices like smartphones or laptops. This is particularly crucial for individuals who handle sensitive information, whether in government, corporate, or personal contexts.


Additionally, in emergency situations or security-sensitive environments, these bags can be instrumental in enforcing a no-communication protocol, ensuring that no wireless transmissions occur.


The reliance on Faraday bags by CLOAKED is a reflection of the growing awareness and need for robust physical cybersecurity measures in our increasingly digital society.

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