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BLACKOUT Blackmail



A Blackmailer is one part opportunist, and one part sociopath. Blackmail is a pervasive crime that comes in several shapes and sizes. Most commonly it is found in the world of Online dating where a victim is groomed for the game.

Blackmail can ruin your reputation, your career, and your life.

It is important to hire the correct person to helps you counter blackmail with tactics that the bad guys least expect. Police can't help you. Lawyers can make a matter worse. Let practitioners with 20 years of experience guide you in stopping blackmail.

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BLACKOUT Can Help Stop Blackmail


Don't do anything until you talk to us. We can advise you for as little as $995, or we can take the entire matter on ourselves with most clients spending around $4500 for our BLACKOUT countermeasures against blackmail.

Blackmail Will Destroy You. Use BLACKOUT To Mitigate Risks.


At CLOAK & DAGGER, we provide a range of consultancy services to help our clients protect their privacy and security. When it comes to blackmail, our trademarked BLACKOUT service will aid our clients in mitigating further damage to reputation, earning money, and to their families.

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