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About Dark Sky


We believe in security through obscurity.  At the forefront in all we do is our ability to CLOAK or obscure our clients to the degree appropriate to their lifestyle and threat levels.  The DAGGER in our name denotes the security we provide and our ability to defend our clients reputations and livelihoods.


Our name team is built on a foundation of unparalleled experience. Our backgrounds, forged in the fires of investigative, intelligence, and security work, span decades of protecting individuals and assets.


We seamlessly blend expertise from diverse agencies and offices, creating a unique perspective for your specific needs.

Our philosophy is proactive protection.


We partner with clients worldwide to discreetly navigate the complexities of personal and professional security, reputation management, and privacy concerns. Whether you require pre-emptive measures or responsive action, we are here to guide you.

We operate in an exclusive realm where only a select few excel. With over two decades of consistent service, we rank among the top privacy experts. Our unwavering dedication and expertise ensure the safety and security of your reputation, privacy, and everything you hold dear.

Most people don't know that we exist. We like it that way.

Our services


We focus on the following areas:

Privacy: Helping before, during, or after a privacy related event manage all aspects of their personal and family privacy.

Blackmail: During sextortion, romance scams and other blackmail incidents we provide our Blackout blackmail take over service.

Crisis: During media events, and social crisis, we help our clients maintain their privacy and security.

Reputation Attacks: We devise decoy services during attacks on reputation during a blackmail, scandal, crisis, or other event.


CLOAK & DAGGER  brings value to all of our clients personal and professional lives. From helping people rebuild their privacy to managing threats of blackmail, we bring life changing services to our clients personal and professional privacy challenges.

our value - woman walking in shadow


woman in shadow -


We come from deep backgrounds that few can espouse. Members of our firm come from intelligence, cyber risk, and financial investigations. Our history gives us the trifecta of experience needed to custom craft the privacy and blackmail mitigation services we offer today.

Why we're different person walking in shadow


Privacy is a hot topic. There are some well meaning people who are doing a good job dispensing some good information on the interwebs. There are some goofballs who are just dog and pony shows.

CLOAK & DAGGER  is a firm, the only one of our type and as far as we know, nearly the longest running provider of privacy services anywhere.

We may not dazzle you with YouTube channel, or shuffle a deck of cards to prove what card sharks we are, but we will professionally advise you on privacy, blackmail and matters of reputation with the appropriate amount of experience and resources to do what no other privacy person does.


We stay current in many aspects of intelligence gathering. From maintaining our licenses as private investigators, maintaining cyber security related credentials, to keeping our rolodex of well qualified colleagues, CLOAK & DAGGER™ is current in all aspects of information acquisition in order to better aid our clients in mitigating risks associated with privacy, blackmail and reputation.

[r] intelligence

C&D security and privacy  

More than a tagline, CLOAK & DAGGER™ is what we are all about. At C&D™, we provide a range of consultancy services to help our clients protect their privacy and security. Our services include disappearing and gaining anonymity, blackmail mitigation, protecting against stalking and harassment, and safeguarding executive and celebrity privacy both online and offline. We work closely with each client to develop personalized solutions that meet their unique needs and help them achieve their privacy goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your privacy.

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